Who are we?

We are both professional individuals and have day jobs. Colin is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Linda is an Administration Manager. All comments and opinions are our own!

We enjoy ‘staycations’ in Scotland and the rest of the UK and trips all over the world. We also enjoy dining out, gourmet food, wildlife and the nicer things in life.

We are available for place, brand and product reviews & mystery client assignments, so feel free to get in touch to discuss working with us and receiving positive social media coverage across a like minded audience.

Why do we enjoy travelling / food?

There’s no hiding from it – at this stage in our life we simply enjoy nice food and luxury trips and stays.

We work very hard throughout the year and enjoy being able to still experience new cultures, meet new people as well as enjoying the amazing scenery and cuisine the world has to offer.

What are our top destinations?

Jamaica, Antigua, Mayan Riviera, Malaysia, Dubai, Costa Rica and of course Scotland (Our own back yard).

What destinations are we most keen to visit?

Barbados, Galapagos Islands, South America

A story of one of our favourite travel photos.

Our favourite pic is a mixture of wildlife and travel. We were staying on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and had set out on a day trip to the Isle of Staffa to see the puffins. We went out on the boat early, but were unlucky and never saw any.

After some ‘encouragement’ we managed to convince the skipper of the boat to leave us (as he was going back for another group) to explore the island on our own! After 3 hours of watching the puffins in the sea below – they finally came ashore and landed right beside us.

We managed to catch this amazing shot of a puffin drying its wings – either that or it was telling us how big the fish was it had caught for its lunch.

How did we find out about travel blogging and what is it about it that we love most?

We stumbled upon travel / food blogging when we were browsing? twitter back in September 2015 and thought we can do that.  Although, at the time, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing it was great to connect with like minded people.

People are genuinely there to help and encourage you to travel, share your experiences and connect. We’re hoping to grow our website / followers and generate a modest income to help us travel even more!

All help would be appreciated.

What is the best piece of travel advice you can share?

Plan ahead and get in early on flight sales using your loyalty points to upgrade as opposed to purchasing direct.

Bonus travel advice – make sure Scotland is always on your bucket list at least once!

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